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A good driver can get the most out of a car when it’s set up perfectly to their liking, but when all cars are set up equally a Great driver can get the most out of their machine. That’s the philosophy of the Formula Americas Super GP Championship. “We’re not here to make good drivers, we’re here to produce Great drivers,” stated Formula Americas President.

Over the course of a race a car’s handling changes, whether due to tires, track temperature, surface conditions, etc. A great driver learns to adapt their driving style to match the handling of their car. This is a very important thing to learn at this level of racing. “For years, it’s been the wealthy drivers who could afford the best equipment and engineers and we all know having large amounts of money doesn’t necessarily make you the best driver. There have been many very talented drivers who for no fault, but not having the financial resources never advanced beyond the early stages. This is where Formula Americas comes in. We are here to provide a level playing field for all drivers. A Championship to be won based on talent. The most economical open-wheel Championship with the highest cash prize purse at this level. State-of-the-art carbon chassis formula cars, advanced aerodynamics, paddle-shifters, high power to weight ratio, all designed to provide our drivers with a current and relative base from which to advance.”

The Championship features 15 races held over 5 event weekends at tracks like; Road America, Homestead-Miami Speedway, Lime Rock Park and Charlotte Motor Speedway.

With other series hovering around $200,000 or more for a season, Formula Americas Super GP tops out at just $72,000 and is all-inclusive. The $330,000 cash Prize Purse enables drivers to win more than it costs to compete. There is also a Scholarship option for the Champion for a fully paid season in the FIA NACAM F4 Championship.

The Championship is open to all ages with the minimum age being 14.  

The Championship will also be televised in a reality-style format highlighting every driver making them known to a worldwide audience. This will help them as they seek sponsors in the future.

The Formula Americas Super GP field is set at 12 cars. Registrations are coming in, so to secure your seat in the Championship, visit the Formula Americas website: , download the forms on the forms page and send them in as soon as possible.

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Press Release

February 12, 2021





Formula America Super GP is a one-make, Arrive & Drive Championship providing state of the art race cars at the lowest price on the market. But, don’t let the price fool you. Everything in the Championship is first-class and is open to drivers as young as 14.

First of all, the cost. Formula Americas Super GP has two divisions – A-class and PRO class. The cars, rules and regulations are all the same between both divisions. The only difference is whether you race for trophies (A-class) or for the highest cash Prize Purse of any series at this level (PRO class). A-class costs only $12,990 per event. The PRO class tops out at $15,990 per event. But, there is a 10% discount if you sign up for the full 5-event schedule. The Championship is all-inclusive. The only thing not included in the cost is each driver’s personal safety gear.

Secondly, the Schedule. There are 15 races (3 per event) over the 5-event schedule. We are talking all top professional circuits like Homestead-Miami Speedway, Lime Rock Park, Charlotte Motor Speedway and Road America. Over 3 hours of track-time at every event with races of 35-minutes in length.

Thirdly, the Cars. Formula Americas Super GP utilizes the Mygale FB02 carbon-chassis race cars made famous in the Formula BMW Championship, but with aerodynamic upgrades and the addition of electronic paddle shifters. These cars have produced Champions like Alexander Rossi, Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg and many more well-known Champions.

Last, but definitely not least, The Prize Purse. $330,000 in cash will be awarded during the season, which includes $25,000 for each event and $205,000 Championship Points Purse that pays to 10th place. The Champion also receives their choice of the $100,000 Championship-winning cash prize or a scholarship for a fully-paid season in the FIA NACAM F4 Championship in Mexico.

Television. The full season will be broadcast on television in a reality-style format, highlighting each driver through the 8 one-hour episode series. The show will delve into each drivers coming into the Championship, their progress during the season and their future goals. Of course, each broadcast will feature highlights from each race in an exciting package.

The season begins in May and the field is limited to only 12 cars. Seats are filling up quickly, so if you want to participate, I suggest you check it out soon.



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January 29, 2021


First of all, Formula Americas applauds series like the WSeries for attracting more women into the sport and making them more well-known to the general public. There are increasingly more women entering auto racing and its great to see. But, when we’re talking equality, where exactly is women racing against women showing any equality with men?

“It would be tremendous if Formula Americas Super GP had 6 women and 6 men filling its 12 driver seats,” claimed Formula Americas President. “We want to increase equality in auto racing. Often in the past, women in the sport have had to rely on inferior equipment that sometimes wasn’t set up to be as good as others. Some didn’t have the best engineers or didn’t have the financial resources behind them to test as much as the top funded teams. Formula Americas arrive & drive Championship provides equally prepared and set up cars, where its true talent that wins, not who can afford the best. Cars don’t know whether it’s a man or a woman behind the wheel. Formula Americas Super GP hopes to change that and really show what women are made of.”

As far as diversity, not too long ago there was a strong racial threshold that drivers like Willy T. Ribbs had to battle and overcome. Today, we have championship winning drivers of color like Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1 and Ernie Francis, Jr. in Trans Am. The lack of diversity in motorsports isn’t a factor of racism today as much as it is a monetary barrier. Only by lowering the cost of the sport can we really reach true diversity.

“Money has always been an issue in auto racing and every year the costs keep increasing making the sport unreachable to anyone but the very well off. How can we really see a change in diversity until we make the sport more accessible to a wider financial demographic. Formula Americas Super GP Championship has the lowest cost of competition in professional open-wheel auto racing at less than half of other series currently in operation. It is our hope that our cost of competing, along with our generous cash prize structure, will attract and enable more drivers of all backgrounds to enter our sport.”

Formula Americas Super GP was designed to create a cost-effective means of entering into professional open-wheel racing. A level playing field where talent, not the size of the pocketbook determines who wins. The Championship’s Prize structure was also designed to provide financial rewards based on performance to assist drivers by providing funding for their continued participation, while the Championship-winning award provides support to advance to the next step on the motorsport ladder.

For more information;

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Press Release

January 27, 2021


Formula Americas Super GP will be broadcast on television in 2021, but it won’t be your typical Racing Show format making it interesting to watch to more than just an auto racing fan-based audience. The Championship will be telecast with drivers heavily featured in each episode. The production will feature in-depth interviews going into the background of each driver, their quest to win the Championship and future goals. More of a reality style format. The show will consist of a Pre-season episode introducing all the drivers to the audience followed by episodes containing all events on the calendar. Of course, every episode will also feature exciting Championship racing action with highlights from each race.

“For so long now, young drivers entering the world of motorsport have lived in virtual obscurity until they reach the higher levels of the sport,” claims Formula Americas’ President. “This makes it extremely difficult for these drivers to secure sponsors, having to rely on family money in the early levels of the sport. By highlighting every driver in the Championship, it is our focus to make them household names, with our viewers becoming fans and following their favorite driver’s advancement, thus making each driver’s exposure value much more attractive to sponsors.”

Twelve drivers will compete in identically prepared Mygale open-wheel formula cars during the 15-race season. Drivers will compete for the largest cash Prize Purse at this level in the sport. Over $300,000 in cash prizes will be distributed throughout the season with the Grand Prize for the Champion being a $100,000 cash award to financially assist their advancement in the sport.

Formula Americas Super GP price point is also the lowest in professional open-wheel racing with costs for the full all-inclusive season topping out at $71,955 for the Prize paying PRO-class. This is far less than half of the cost of what is currently available making the Championship more financially obtainable to more young men and women.

“We are hoping that with the low cost of competing in Formula Americas Super GP and with the large Championship Prize Purse, that it will attract and enable a more diverse group of drivers both female and male to enter into the sport and with our television package, help make them well-known to an international audience.”

The One-Hour episodes are being produced by Carolinas Production Group headed by award-winning motorsports announcer, Rick Benjamin who will also be the show’s Host. A variety of national and regional sports networks and local affiliates will broadcast the series.  International distribution is also anticipated.  The full list of affiliates carrying the telecasts will be released soon. Each episode will also be available on the Formula Americas Super GP website at a later date.


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