Showcasing Talent, Developing Race Craft, with a Focus on Seat Time    while Making Racing More Affordable and Financially Rewarding, developing a more Diverse Group of Professional Drivers!!! 

The Formula Americas Super GP Championship presented by Pirelli is a professional, arrive & drive, open-wheel competition in updated and identically prepared carbon chassis race cars designed and built by Mygale to stringent FIA homologation safety standards, while showcasing each driver’s talent, not their checkbook. Arrive & drive meaning we include everything in the entry fee (the race car, tires, fuel, crew). Designed as a competition for drivers of all ages and as young as 14 looking to advance in professional auto racing, Formula Americas costs as low as $12,990 per 3-race event and consists of 15 races held over 5 race event weekends at some of the most popular circuits in America. Formula Americas is a "One Make, One Team, One Cost" Championship producing a level playing field for all participants and at the most affordable price of any professional open-wheel racing series, thereby promoting a more diverse group of drivers participating in professional open-wheel racing. Cash Awards and Scholarships totaling over $300,000 and with the Champion having the opportunity of taking home over $150,000 and the option of the Advancement Scholarship which includes the choice of either a fully funded season in the FIA NACAM F4 Championship or the $100,000 Championship-winning Prize Money.

Formula Americas low price point makes it economically obtainable for more young men and women of all backgrounds to enter the world of professional racing, thereby producing a more diverse field of drivers.

But Formula Americas Super GP doesn't have to be just a stepping stone. It can also be a destination. Drivers can compete in the Championship for many years enjoying strong competition at great tracks and winning a lot of money along the way.

Formula Americas Super GP features the Mygale FB02 powered by BMW. This is a proven platform for developing future racing stars in Formula BMW. Drivers like Formula1 and IndyCar stars; Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel, Robert Wickens, Alexander Rossi, Nico Hulkenberg, Marcus Erickson, Gabby Chaves and Felipe Nasr have all driven Mygale FB02 race cars to win Championships in the early stages of their careers.

The Formula Americas Super GP Championship is the ideal formula car series to gain winged car experience coming out of karting or other junior formula. Racing in Formula Americas will provide cost-effective and extensive experience before jumping into a much more expensive series and will provide young drivers with the proper preparation for entry into series like the FIA F4 Championships, USF2000 and other open-wheel Series. 

To watch on-board video from the Mygale FB02.



All Inclusive Race Series: Formula Americas is an all inclusive, Arrive & Drive racing series where your only other expenses are your personal travel, hotel accommodations and driver safety gear. Formula Americas drivers also receive a Championship branded polo shirt and soft-shell jacket. Each Driver will receive 2 passes for themselves and a guest to the Formula Americas VIP Hospitality suite at all events and 2 tickets to the Championship Awards Banquet to be held on the night of the final race of the season. Additional passes and tickets will be available.

Limited Grid: The 2021 season is limited to 12 available seats and they will be filled on a first come first served basis, so get your entries in early. To register or for additional information, contact us right away. A Registration Form is available for download on the bottom of this page and on the forms page for those drivers who would like to secure their spot in the 2021 Championship.

Why do we limit the field to 12 cars? Racing in packed fields of 30 plus cars is exciting at the start, but paying for crash damage isn't. We find at this level of racing large fields of cars result in numerous crashes and extended caution periods, which result in very few green flag race laps and large damage bills for drivers or their parents. What are you supposed to learn in 4-5 laps of racing? And, its not much fun, especially when you're taken out by someone else. Limiting the field to 12 cars gives our drivers more room to maneuver and results in a greater amount of green flag racing, while producing exciting and very competitive races. Afterall, Its not much fun driving behind the pace car for the majority of your race.

Level Playing Field: All cars are owned by the Championship, maintained and set up to be equal by the Championship's engineers to ensure a level playing field for all drivers. Formula Americas is a true Driver's Championship where winning is based on talent, not how much money you can spend. There is no need to purchase your own car or pay a team to run you. There's no worry whether your engineer is better than the other guy's, as the cars are all equal. We take care of it all. All you need to do is concentrate on perfecting your driving skills and driving at your very best. Talent shines here and will be noticed by upper level team owners.

Drivers will receive a different car at each event. We do this to remove any perception that a driver may have of feeling stuck for the season with an unequal car. At the conclusion of each event, drivers will blind pick a numbered ball in a drawing that will correlate to the car's chassis number that they will drive in the following event. Numbers will be drawn in reverse finishing order of the event's final race. Numbers will be picked at the conclusion of each event, so that the crew can make the proper pedal, steering wheel and weight adjustments for each driver prior to the next event. Drivers will keep their own personal car number for the full season.

Race-Proven CarsFormula Americas utilizes the race proven Mygale FB02 carbon chassis built to stringent FIA safety standards and updated with newer aerodynamics and paddle shifters. The cars of the Formula Americas Super GP Championship are powered by race-prepared 4-cylinder BMW engines producing 145 horsepower and weighing only 465kg delivering the highest power to weight ration in its class. Power is transmitted through a 6-speed sequential paddle-shift operated Hewland gearbox and run on Pirelli PZero slick tires. They feature advanced aerodynamics with adjustable multi-element front and rear wings generating significant downforce. All engines are dyno-tested to insure parity. All cars carry on-board cameras and data acquisition.

Pre-season Testing: There is an Official 2-day pre-season test for drivers to get acquainted with the cars and crew, and receive their Championship apparel in either late April or early May. Drivers will receive a minimum of 4 hours of track time over the two-day pre-season test (4 - 30 minute sessions per day). This Official Test has a cost of $4,500. There will be more Official Test Days available during the season. 

Lowest Cost junior level Championship: 

A-class: The total all-inclusive cost for a 3-race weekend in Formula Americas Super GP A-class is $12,990 with a $500 refundable Registration Fee reserving your seat. A-class drivers are not eligible for Prize money or Scholarship.

PRO class: The total all-inclusive cost for a 3-race weekend in Formula Americas Super GP PRO class is $15,990 with a $750 refundable Registration Fee reserving your seat. PRO class drivers are eligible for Prize money and Scholarship.

10% discount for full season Program with Pre-season testing included.

A-class Full-season Program $58,455: Paid $10,000.00 with Registration, $9,691.00 due 20 days prior to each event.

PRO class Full-season Program $71,955: Paid $15,000.00 with Registration, $11,391.00 due 20 days prior to events.

COVID-19 Provisions: In the case of an event having to be cancelled due to Covid-19 related issues, every measure will be taken to reschedule the event. In the case that an event cannot be rescheduled or if DRIVER is unable to participate due to Covid-19 issues, the Championship will pay to DRIVER a refund for that event. For per-event paying drivers, it will be a full refund of the entry fee if already paid or they can transfer that entry to the following event. For full-season Program drivers, being a 5-event season, it will be a refund of 1/5th of the total Full-season Program cost. 

Largest Cash Prize Payout of any early level Championship (PRO Class) 

$330,000 Cash Prize Purse  (PAID AT THE EVENT)


1st Place               $10,000             1st $100,000        6th $9,000               

2nd Place              $5,000               2nd $25,000         7th $8,000                     

3rd Place               $4,000               3rd $20,000          8th $7,000              

4th Place               $3,000               4th $15,000           9th $6,000               

5th Place               $2,000               5th $10,000           10th $5,000

Pole Position         $1,000              

* Per event Prize Money rewards consistency and will be paid to the top-5 drivers who earn the most points during each event and 1st race Pole Winner. And, Yes, all prize winning drivers go home with a check at every event. No waiting for your winnings.

PRO class Scholarship: The Overall Points leader "Champion" will receive a Scholarship for their choice of a fully funded season in the FIA NACAM F4 Championship in lieu of the Championship-winning Prize money or keep the Prize Money..    

Formula Americas Super GP Championship Points System








































Pole Position     1pt  (Pole Position for first race of each weekend)            

Custom Trophies: Trophies for the top-three finishers will be awarded for each race. The Champion of each weekend will be awarded a personalized full-size replica of the W10 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team Steering Wheel from the 2019 season in a custom display case. The exclusive Robert F. Gurnsey Cup "The Gurns" designed by Thomas Lyte in England and standing approximately 2-1/2 feet tall will be awarded to the Formula Americas Super GP Champion along with the Champions Ring.  


Limited Damage Liability: Accidents do happen and sometimes not on your own accord. To assist in keeping our driver's costs to a minimum, Formula Americas offers a Crash Damage Insurance Policy for $2,500 / event or $10,000 for all 5 events if pre-paid. This policy limits the maximum damage liability per claimed incident, as follows:

1st incident: $5,000,       2nd incident: $7,500,       3rd incident: $10,000

Driver Eligibility: Formula Americas Super GP is an international competition open to drivers of all ages from around the world. The minimum age to participate in the Formula Americas Super GP Series is 14 years of age. Karting experience or graduation of a recognized racing school and/or school racing series or other racing experience can qualify you to race in the Championship

More Green Flag RacingAll events will average over 3 hours of track time consisting of two 30-minute free practice sessions, a 20-minute qualifying session and three feature races of 35 minutes each. We set our races at 35 minutes, but provide a 60 minute dedicated window of track time so in case of a major incident where clean up will take an extended amount of time, we will red flag the session, the clock will stop and start up again after all is cleared, so drivers can receive the maximum amount of green flag racing. Starting grids for race #1 will be determined by its own qualifying session, while races 2 & 3 of each event will be determined by each driver's fastest lap in the preceding race.

Premier Schedule: The Formula Americas season will run at top-level race circuits in North America with one event each month. The addition of new tracks and international events are planned for 2022.  Formula Americas Super GP events are typically 2-day venues (Sat & Sun), so our drivers can arrive late Friday evening and leave late Sunday afternoon. This is designed so our drivers won't have to miss school or work to participate. 

Global Audience: The Formula Americas Super GP Championship will receive international exposure through television of all races and will also be available worldwide via the internet with free on-demand episodes for continued viewing availability. All cars will carry on-board cameras with for inclusion in the televised production. 

Extensive Social Media Presence: Formula Americas has contracted the services of a dedicated, professional Social Media company that will utilize all of the various current and emerging social media outlets extensively to promote the drivers, sponsors and the Championship itself with a minimum of three posts per week, keeping the Championship and drivers in the forefront of the fans. Drivers are encouraged to utilize social media as well to increase the awareness of their participation in the Championship.


Sponsor Promotion: Drivers are welcome and encouraged to bring their personal sponsors and place their logo identification on their car. All areas of the car are open with the exception of the lower 1/4 of the side pods and wing end fences. Driver sponsors must not conflict with any Series sponsor. It is highly suggested to have several sponsor decals made up as you will be changing cars each event. Each driver will receive numerous mentions during race broadcasts. The Championship will also have a limited number of commercial time spots available during television broadcasts, which driver sponsors can purchase. Sponsors are an important part of professional auto racing and the Championship will do all it can to assist our drivers in promoting their sponsors and strengthen their relationships.

Open Data Sharing: Our focus is to have all of our participants become better drivers to further their career, so we are providing open data sharing between all cars to enhance each driver's learning curve.

Tires: Pirelli PZero slick race tires are the exclusive tires of Formula Americas Super GP and are included in the entry fee. Wet weather tires will also be available at the events if needed and are also included.

Series Management: Formula Americas is made up of experienced motorsport professionals. All of whom are focused on giving 100% to all of our drivers to properly prepare them for a career in the world of professional racing. Formula Americas Super GP mechanics are a diverse international group of experienced technicians who have received extensive training specifically on the Mygale FB02 race cars and who's sole focus is to support our drivers with top-notch, professionally prepared race cars.

Premium Driver Coaching: Formula Americas will have some of the brightest professional driver coaches on-hand at each event offering valuable advice to our drivers. Drivers are also welcome to have their own personal coaches.

VIP Hospitality: Formula Americas will have an exclusive VIP Hospitality suite for drivers and guests at every event, serving breakfast and lunch with snacks and beverages available throughout each day. All drivers will receive 2 Hospitality passes for all events. Additional passes will be available.

Awards Gala: The season-ending Formula Americas Awards Banquet will be held on the night of the final race of the season at the beautiful Renaissance at the Gables in Miami, Florida. This special awards gala will feature a gourmet sit-down dinner, during a behind the scenes year-in-review video production followed by the awards presentation. All drivers will receive 2 tickets to the awards gala. Additional tickets will be available.  

If you have questions or would like to register your interest, email us at: INFO@FASUPERGP.COM or call / text us at: 1-239-994-5888. If we're away from the phone or on another line, please leave a message. We'll get back with you right away.
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